Serious project managers use SG apps every day…

“...been using SGProject for 6 or seven years. Great tool. I had used it for smaller projects (two weeks to three months) before starting this current project. I was worried the app might not stand up to the amount of tasks, time and data. Happy to say SGProject is the best project management tool I have used (stability, usability, functionality).
James Madden, PM of Large, complex shipbuilding project in China

"I demo'd many project management apps, and yours had the right orientation (with its simplicity and emphasis on communication and practical management), and a reasonable price. Well done!”
Barry Kaplan, Canada, March 2015

Regarding SG Project Pro 5 for Windows: "So I am very Clear…Now this Program is Amazing. I freaking Love it. You will and are setting the bar for other programs like this will have to contend with……Really great job…it can only get better…You can put this up on your reviews.”
John Russell, Senior PM

“ the way I love this app!!  It is easy to use, very reliable, and very easy to maintain.  I am co-owner of a medium sized construction company and have about 50 or so employees, we are spread out over several different projects.  This app has helped me to get the crews more productive and also more efficient.  The reports are great and are easy to print and configure to give to our employees and clients.  The support on this app to this point has been out of this world.  If I need something or have a question you all get back with me super fast with the right answer. Thank you for the great app.”
John Lawrence, Vice President at Leak Eliminators, Frankfort Kentucky

"I was at a customer site doing the install phase of a printer rollout. It was all going very well and I had little to do except keeping the install crews fed and watered. So, I opened up my iPad and created the initial Project Plan for my next project. I got 90% done that day and finished it off in the car sat outside a football ground that evening before going in to watch the match. Submitted it to the client for approval the following morning. Big name client too. It's called Simple Genius for a reason."

Gary Skeels, Project Manager at Danwood, Lincolnshire UK

"SG Project Pro is by far the best app for business professionals and executives who do major project management work. For the iPad and iPhone user this is an outstanding app. It places at our finger tips outstanding portability of comprehensive work related projects, tasks, budgets, report generation to name a few of its fabulous functions. As a business executive I tip my hat to Simple Genius."
Emmett Wheatfall, Executive, Portland Oregon USA

"I tried a number of Project Management applications before I decided on the SG Project Suite. Each App is an excellent tool on its own, however, used as a suite of tools they come into their own and in my experience have no competition. After using SG Project Sketcher, Project Pro and OnePage, to manage a diverse and complex range of projects and Programme of Projects for a range of businesses and government organisations for the past two years, the 3 Apps are now the only project management tools I use. I prefer the integration and design of the reports to any other project management software (including desktop software). The reports are easily understood by others with no or limited project management experience."
Bruce Cheeseman, Creative Director at Cheeseman & Associates Ltd, Dorset UK

"SG Project Pro 5 is by far the “best of breed” in Project Management applications on any platform. The reporting functions are top notch."

"I have been using SG products for over a year to manage multiple projects. I am an ex Microsoft Project user and quite frankly find most all the MSP functionality in SG and more. I would recommend SG products to any professional who takes program management seriously.

"If you manage projects regularly, it is a definite must have for your app toolbox!"

"I have a Mac and an iPad and the data integration is seamless. On my last gig I went from zero to a 50-task project with dependencies in less than an hour. That included resources and costing. I had a pdf report ready for my customer by the time he came to my desk."

"SG Project Pro 5 has become a work tool I use every day.  Designed the way we want to use it."
@Yellow House

"My previous employer spent the big bucks equipping my team with Microsoft Project. But for the past couple years on my own and now with my employer we were using SG Project Pro and couldn’t be more satisfied. Just as powerful in the key areas, yet it is simpler to use and at a fraction of the cost."

"Highly recommended for project management where you want to record everything that occurs.  Some other apps are only numbers and dates, which is useful perhaps but not for me.  I like to put in more of a blow-by-blow rendition so if my manager wants to see exactly why a certain step took the time it did I don’t have to try to remember, I can just send him the report. Beautiful!

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