SG Windows Store Apps

SG Project 5 and SG Project Pro 5 are available now on the Windows Store and is compatible with any device running Windows 10. The amazing Windows Store app platform allowed us to design a single interface that works with 100% touch devices, 100% keyboard-and-mouse, or any combination. It is clean, modern, beautiful, and functional. With 10 years of experience developing touch-based project management apps, no one has more experience than SG, and now have delivered that expertise to your Windows-based devices.

SG Project Pro 5

SG Project Pro 5 brings the full power of SG project management to the amazing Windows platform. It is equally at home on touch-based or keyboard & mouse devices. Task Plans, Action Items, Issues, Risks, and powerful reporting put you in control! More…

SG Project 5

SG Project 5 for Windows boasts a modern and current design. It is intuitive and easy to use even for newcomers to project management. Build beautiful and informative task plans, track your project, and most importantly feel in control! More…

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