SG Project 5 (iPad)

SG Project is a subset of SG Project Pro. It is an affordable solution for project managers who typically work on one project at a time and focus on managing a task schedule. If you work on larger projects, multiple projects, or want more reporting and analysis tools, take a look at SG Project Pro. Or start with SG Project and decide later whether to upgrade to the full Pro feature set using an in-app purchase.

All About Projects

Projects are quick and easy to create in SG Project 5. Edit and share one project at a time, or scroll through your list of projects to get a quick overview. Capturing a project task schedule for each of your projects on your iPad lets you feel in control wherever you are. SG Project was the first serious project management app designed specifically for iPad, and the fifth generation has been completely redesigned to feel right at home iOS 11. Beautiful and light.


The Detailed Plan

The most powerful tool in project management is a task-based project schedule, and that is SG Project 5's specialty. Build, track, and maintain a plan for each of your projects right on your iPad. Assign owners, update percent complete, and enter notes for each task. SG Project 5 supports all task link types (FS, FF, SS, SF) to model any plan. Use touch gestures to build and update your plan using SG's carefully designed interface.


Share It Now

Right from your iPad, wherever you are, quickly email an updated report or SG data file to anyone. SG Project 5 uses a fixed-format quick report that includes all your project information. Projects are emailed as PDF file attachments that can be read by anyone on any platform. Or use SG's or Dropbox integration to quickly back up and share files. And when you need more powerful reporting options, use the in-app purchase option to upgrade to the full power of SG Project Pro.


SG Project 5 Quick Start Guide

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