SG Mac Apps

The SG Mac Apps are available on the Mac App Store and compatible with any device running OS X Mavericks or later. That includes iMac, Mac Pro, Mac mini, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air. The Mac's large screen size, high resolution, and powerful processors provide an ideal platform for managing your project plans. And sharing project files with your other devices in SGP format means your latest plans and status will always be with you.

SG Project Pro

SG Project Pro is the flagship of the industry leading Simple Genius Apps suite, combining all aspects of project management into one integrated app. The Mac version uses a fresh design approach that supports managing multiple projects and team members in ways no other app ever has. More…

SG Project OnePage

SG Project OnePage for Mac also utilizes the fresh, clean SG Mac design. This app implements 12-by-12 Project Management, which is the Simple Genius take on managing a project using a single sheet, or a single screen. OnePage is a new tool for your PM toolbox and concisely captures status. More…

SG Project Sketcher

SG Project Sketcher for Mac also utilizes the fresh, clean SG Mac design. SG Project Sketcher is designed for rapid project sketching in the early stages of a project, typically upstream of SG Project Pro 5. Use text outline or graphical WBS-style charts. Also great for creating project quotes. More...

SG People

SG People for Mac is an Org Chart Builder, built on the proven foundation of the SG app suite. It was designed for business managers and others who need to understand and communicate an organization of people. This is no painting or drawing tool, it is a data-based serious management tool. More

SG Project Toolbox Bundle

Fill your management toolbox and save 20% by purchasing this complete bundle of the Simple Genius apps for Mac! Available on the Mac App Store.

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