SG iPad Apps

The SG iPad Apps are available on the iTunes App Store. They are compatible with all iPad sizes. iPad is the most popular platform for managing projects with SG Apps. SG was the first and is still the best and most complete project management solution on iPad. Professionals on literally every continent use SG iPad Apps to manage their projects. Well, except for that really cold continent (as far as we know). The current (fifth generation) SG apps sport a fresh redesign and many new and upgraded features including integration with and Dropbox.

SG Project Pro 5

SG Project Pro is the flagship of the industry leading Simple Genius Apps suite, combining all aspects of project management into one integrated app. The iPad version of SG Project Pro brings full-spectrum project management to the iPad, including portfolio views and powerful reporting and analysis. More…

SG Project Sketcher 5

SG Project Sketcher is designed for rapid project sketching in the early stages of a project, so it is typically used upstream of SG Project 5 or SG Project Pro 5. Use text outline or graphical WBS-style charts with drag-and-drop editing. Also great for creating project quotes.  More…

SG Project OnePage 5

SG Project OnePage implements 12-by-12 Project Management, which is the Simple Genius take on managing a project on a single sheet of paper, or a single screen. This unique tool for your PM toolbox and concisely captures project status.  More…

SG Project Toolbox Bundle

Fill your management toolbox and save 20% by purchasing this complete bundle of the Simple Genius apps for iPad! Available on the iTunes App Store.

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