Advanced Task Plan Analysis in SG Project Pro 5

A set of easy-to-use project analysis tools is included in SG Project Pro 5. You can use these tools to gain additional insight into your task plans, and keep your project on track. The screen shots here are from the iPad, but identical features are included in the Mac and iPhone Pro apps. The analysis tools are located in the chart toolbar in the upper right (iPad and iPhone), or in the top toolbar (Mac).

In addition to these tools, SG Project Pro’s powerful custom reporting is another great way to analyze and study your project status.

Critical Path

On the Task Plan view you can quickly see the Critical Path. Click or tap the red arrow to turn this feature on and off. SG highlights the critical path in red and near-critical paths in orange.

The critical path in SG is the longest chain of tasks and a near-critical path is any chain that is 80% or more of the critical path. As you resize tasks or change % Done on tasks, the highlighting updates dynamically. This helps you pay attention to the tasks most likely to threaten your project schedule.

There is also an option to include critical path highlighting on the Task Chart in reports.

Note: SG does not have true CPM analysis tools that some technical project managers need, it simply highlights the paths.

Net Line

The Net Line is useful for quickly seeing if your project is running ahead or behind schedule. Click or tap the Net Ball button to turn this on and see how the completion of the project is doing relative to “now”.

The Net Line can also be optionally shown on the Task Chart in reports.

SG's Net Completion calculation is based on the tasks currently being viewed, so it can also be used in combination with Person Analysis Filtering to assess how far ahead or behind a given person is, in the context of a single project or all projects.

See the FAQ for more details on calculation.

Person Analysis

Use the Person Analysis tool on the Task Plan to study a person's workload and see where that person is over/under allocated. Click or tap on the person icon to turn on and off.

SG auto-selects the initial person for analysis. It will be the owner of the currently selected task or the first task owner in the project. Then you can select any person you want to study.

The filter button switches between 3 different modes. In all cases the “Over Assigned” chart area shows the assignments for the selected person only. You can quickly see if the person is over/under allocated either in the current project, or across all projects.

See the FAQ for more on how to interpret the chart.

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